Artist Derrick Fludd


Derrick Fludd 1963 – American artist, b. Sarasota Florida. Derrick Fludd has been paining for the past 40 years his work embodies a wide range of materials and diverse subject matter.

Derrick Fludd b.1963-
Education BFA School of Visual Arts 1986

2012 Gu Yuan Museum of Art, Zhuhai, China
2005 Lux Gallery Chicago
1999 Claudia Hellwich Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1997 Claudia Hellwich Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1985 SVA Print Gallery New York NY
1991 The Red Bench New York City
1988 Rembrandt Cafe New York City
2017 Ric Michel Group Exhibition Tribeca New York
2013 Zhongshan Museum 100 Artist Annual Exhibition
2010 Smart Art Group Show Moganshan Rd. Shanghai China
2010 Fluxus Art Exhibition #4 Texas USA
2009 London East Festival August Art Islington, London UK
2009 Art Swap CDO’s & Double Clubs curated by Giacomo Picca London UK
2008 The Artists Space New York night of 1000 drawings
2007 Mercy College New York City One City 8 views
2006 ICPNA – Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano
2005 Mercy College New York City Multimedia installation
2003 Art Brick, Salander-O’Reilly Gallery New York
1996 Group Invitational Fellowship Provincetown
1989 Ronin Gallery New York NY
1984 SVA Print Gallery New York NY
1983 SVA Print Gallery New York NY
1982 SVA Print Gallery New York NY
2005 Mercy College Opening Lecture
1997 Raw and Upfront: the forum series at the Arts Students League in New York
2015 Dream States Book
2015 The Steps of Saphin Hin Thialand Book
2015 Summit Book
2015 Papercuts Book
2015 Water Lilies Book
2015 Reflections
2014 Anamorphs Book
2014 Off Shore Book
2014 Sacred Geometries Book
2014 Carp Book
2015 Utopia Book
2013 Black Strokes Book
2014 Textures Book
2014 Utopian Symmetries
2014 Textures Book
2014 ementi Book
2014 Jakarta Book
2014 Primes Book
2010 Trapezoid Catalog
2010 Spatial Expressions Book
2010 Strokes Texture Shapes Catalogue
2010 Transitions Group 10 Catalogue
2009 Transitions Volume I New Works by Derrick Fludd
2014 Organic Cycles Book
2008 Fan paintings by Derrick Fludd Catalogue
2008 Moon Over China Paintings by Derrick Fludd
2008 Shrines by Derrick Fludd
2008 The Painted Flower by Derrick Fludd
2007 The Artist Contact Contemporary Global art 2007 in the Masters of Today series
2006 Abstraction Symbolism & Spirituality A Contemporary Look At High Art Modalities
2006 Fine Art Works of Derrick Fludd Selected works from 1983-1996
2005-06 The Series Pathways
2005 March News – Events Quarterly
1991 The Still Good Hand of God by Michael Gellert
2008 Music Performance Image Tunnel Moganshan Rd. Shanghai.
1990 Henry Street Settlement Performance space
1990 SVA Amphitheater
1988 Henry Street Settlement Performance space
Permanent Collection Canary Wharf LTD. London
Permanent Collection Gu Yuan Museum of Art, Zhuhai, China
Permanent Collection Fluxus Museum Fortworth Texas USA
Karl & Frieda Schwemmer Germany
Claudia Hellwich Germany
Ute Schwemmer Germany
Nikolay & Yenela Budylin New York
Ricardo Ricci New York/Italy
Andrea Reichart Gemany