spacerThe Fine Art Works of Derrick Fludd

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Incomplete ± In Progress  
Works on Paper    
    book Utopia    
    book Sacred Geometry ±    
    book Textures    
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Incomplete ± In Progress  
Works on Paper Paintings
thumb Buddah thumb image Nadir thumb Chant Series†±
thumb Fans thumb image Nocturns    
thumb Moon Over China image
Patterns Textures Shapes (SOON)
image Pathways    
Light (from the Digital City Series)
thumb Tic Tac Toe  
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Works on Paper
image C2 thumb Movements of light thumb
thumb Dots & Dashes thumb Blueprint
image Geo thumb Noema thumb
Windows & Worlds
thumb Formal Deconstruction thumb Genesis
image Les Flures du mal thumb Nudes  
thumb Windows thumb Lathe
thumb Light thumb Quanta  
thumb Organic Geometry thumb Noesis
thumb Liquid Symetries thumb Spectrum  
    thumb Papyrus
thumb Meta thumb Stainglass  
    thumb Shaman
thumb Mithras thumb Still Lifes  
    thumb Algorithm